A toothbrush, interdental brushes and toothpaste.
That’s all you need. Or is it?

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Brushing your teeth is also about cleaning your gumline.

The days of toothbrushing as a chore are over. Cleaning with the CS 12460 velvet becomes a nourishing daily ritual of mindfulness and joy.

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Bigger is not always better. Small brush head. Huge cleaning power.

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Designed for special care following operations, for people with inflammations and during radiotherapy of the oral cavity, the CS surgical mega soft has more than 12’000 ultrafine filaments with 0.06 mm in diameter.


This toothbrush incorporates the bracket groove, a special groove for braces: the 5’460 CUREN® filaments clean brackets, teeth and gums gently and carefully. 5’460 CUREN® filaments, 0.1 mm in diameter.

A dental floss designed specifically for implant care. Elastic microfibres allow for a novel, efficient cleaning movement around the implant and along the gums. 1. Tense. 2. Then relax. 3. Super clean.

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Simply scrape from the back of the tongue to the tip of the tongue – almost without any pressure. Removes the bacteria and other deposits responsible for bad breath. You’re always two seconds away from fresh breath confidence.

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Oral care and regeneration
Chlorhexidine concentration: 0.09%. Also features Hyaluronic Acid. Perio plus Regenerate supports tissue regeneration after dental surgery and treatment-related dry mouth. Perio plus Regenerate mouthwash with CHX 0.09% and Citrox®/P formula (200 ml)
The most powerful antibacterial effect
Chlorhexidine concentration: 0.2%. Perio plus Forte is perfect for short-term use before and after invasive dental procedures. Reliable. And highly effective. Perio plus Forte mouthwash with CHX 0.2% and Citrox®/P formula (200 ml)
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Stylish, practical storage box. Comes with a holder and five CPS prime interdental brushes that easily click in to place. Perfect at home or on the move.

The CPS range has the right interdental brushes for everyone. For natural teeth, for implants, for the narrowest spaces, for the larger spaces, for implants, for crowns, for bridges, for after surgery… for everyone.

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