DWX-52D Milling Machine

A new Snap-In Clamp System for disc changing includes six material adapters and offers a fast and secure set-up—eliminating mounting errors and minimizing damage during disc insertion.

InLab MC XL Milling Machine

inLab MC XL is the fast wet milling and grinding unit with many production options, high speed, precision and can switch from grinding to milling in just a few steps.

Lab Scanner

Ultra-high speed and more accurate scanning solution, optimized for productivity. With Generation Red E scanners, the time has never been better to bring our lab to the next level.

3D Printer

High-Accuray Formlabs 3D printing materials for dental labs and pratices with an accurate material for dental modelmaking and clear aligner productions.

Vita Zyrcomat 6000MS

The VITA ZYRCOMAT 6000 MS is suitable for all high-temperature sinter firings of any type of dental ceramic substructure materials, such as Zr02 and Al2O3.

Vita V60-i Line

The VITA V60 i-Line is suitable for all dental ceramic firing, and technical details like the well-known, durable VITA quartz firing muffle deliver perfect firing results.

Bre Lux Power Unit 2

The bre.lux Power Unit 2 cures all known light curing materials on the market that cure at a wavelength between 370 and 500nm. It is the only unit light box a dental laboratory needs for all their materials.


Highest quality materials from VITA Zahnfabrik (YZ, Suprinity, Enamic)  and Ivoclar Vivadent (eMax, CAD) for the best result in durability and longevity.

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