NEW Experience You Can Count On At Sunset Dental Bali

  • Dental Health   •  September  27, 2021

Digital Dentistry, Redefined

NextDent 5100 has been added to our in house laboratory as a part of our commitment to give you the best treatment in digital dentistry.

Powered by Figure 4® technology, the NextDent 5100 facilitates high-speed 3D printing for production of dental appliances and sacrificial castings. This revolutionary solution features an industry-defining value proposition that combines best-in-class speed and performance at a price point that is accessible to Sunset Dental Bali in-lab and clinic.

At Sunset Dental Bali, we only use the latest hi-tech equipments. We always believe the Advances in dental technology deliver more pleasant experience for our patients. Our dentists can quickly assess what issues our patients are facing and accurately determine the course of treatment.

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